Key features of our environmental chambers
• Simple operation
• Programmable
• 20 Temperature settings
• 20 humidity settings
• 0 - 100% Light intensity settings
• Adjustable alarm limits
• Automatic safety thermostat settings
• Digital calibration
• Ultrasonic humidifier
• Very low power consumption

SERIES 8000: Environmental chambers - climatic cabinets

 Temperature controlKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Temperature variation (time) +/- ºC 0,1 0,2      
Temperature deviation (spatial) +/- ºC 0,3 0,3      
Readability/setability ºC 0,1 0,1      
Temperature range ºC -2 - 70 -2 - 70      
Sensor thermo-couple  Type K Type K      
Controller PID PID      
Display LCD LcD      
Adjustable alarm limits (visual and acoustic)  Yes Yes      
Humidity controlKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Humidity variation (time)    +/-%RH 2 2      
Humidity deviation (spatial) +/-%RH 2 2      
Readability/setability %RH 0,1 0,1      
Readability %RH 1 1      
Range setting %RH  1-99 T1-99      
Working range %RH 15-96**** 15-96****      
Sensor capacitive Yes Yes      
Controller PID PID      
Display LCD LcD      
Acoustic alarm limits (visual and acoustic) %RH  Yes Yes      
Water quality Destilled/Ionized Destilled/Ionized      
Water resevoir - liters 18 18      
Automatic de-icing system Fixed Fixed      
Light controlKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Readability / Setability   %   3-100      
Light intensity in centre    Lux         12000      
Light intensity,  both sides   Lux   25000      
Safety ThermostatsKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Temperature variation (time)+/- ºC   3 3      
Sensor (thermocouple) Type K Type K      
Automatic setting Yes Yes      
Adjustable limits Yes Yes      
 TimerKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Timer (1-999 minutes or hours) Yes Yes      
Real time program Yes Yes      
Real time backup >1 month >1 month      
 AccessoriesKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Printer Report Program Optional* Optional*      
Serial Data Port   RS232 Yes Yes      
2x24 Characters LCD Display Yes Yes      
Access port Optional Optional      
Inspection window in door with cover Optional Optional      
Castors, lockable Yes Yes      
 FittingsKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Water filling port 1/2" 1/2"      
Drain port 1/2" 1/2"      
Max water pressure    Bar 6 6      
 ShelvesKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Standard (max) 3(22) 3(22)      
Dimensions w,d    mm 610x580 610x580      
Max load per shelf    kg 30 30      
Permitted total load    kg 120 120      
 Power consumptionKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Nominal power    W 1200 1800      
Nominal voltage    V 230, 1~ 230, 1~      
Frequency    Hz 50/60 50/60      
 DimensionsKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Exterior W,D,H    mm 830-720-1840 960-720-1840      
Interior W,D,H    mm 630-592-1073 630-592-1073      
Volume working chamber    Litres 400 400      
 WeightsKB8400 FKB8400 FL   
Net weight     kg 210 240      
Shipping weight    kg 230 250      
Shipping dimensions W,D,H    cm 91-80-201 104-80-201      
Shipping volume    dm3 1463 1672      
The technical data specified is for an empty cabinet and ambient temperature of 23°C.
* This option is stored in the system and can be freely tested for 30 days. A unique code is then needed in order to make it available for permanent use.
*** Ice build up may occur on the cooler at long runs below 0°C. With 100% light, min temp is +5 °C
**** Humidifier disabled below 4 °C and above 55 °C


I like to inspect the goods without opening the door. What can you offer?

Most of the cabinets can be provided with double (TS models) or triple (B and KB models) glass in the door. An internal light for better viewing of the goods can also be provided in some of the models. 

Can you deliver the cabinets with castors instead of adjustable feet?

The cooling incubators KB 8000 and climatic cabinets/environmental chambers KB 8400 F are already provided with castors, all of them lockable. All other floor models can also be provided with castors as an extra option.

Printer Report Program   Optional* Optional* 
Serial Data Port RS 232      Yes Yes 
2x24 Characters LCd Display   Yes Yes
Access Port 30 mm   Optional Optional
Inspection window in door with cover   Optional Optional
Castors, lockable   Yes Yes