*New * Series 9000

We are proud to announce the launch of our new series. 

The new Series 9000 is now available to order.The Series 9000 is of the same high standard as the Series 8000 but offers a more updated, modern and advanced product with several new functions and features.  

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New Series 9000

Key features

Automatic safety thermostat

Increased safety - simpler to operate

LCD display

Explanatory text – simpler to operate

Motorised valve

Automatic shut off at end of cycle and overheating

Touch buttons

Extended lifetime in humid surroundings


Alternates between two temperatures at specified time, daily or weekly

Extended temperature range

Can operate down to 2°C  above ambient temperature

Keypad with pin code

Prevents undesirable settings

Potential free alarm contact

Can connect to external alarm system

Same regulator for B and TS

Easier service and spare part stocks

Sterilizing cycle (B cabinets)

Possible to sterilize

USB outlet

Simple updates possible via PC


Available sizes in liters: 25L - 430L