Frequently asked questions

At what temperature and time shall I operate a hot air sterilizer?

The critical process parameters for dry air sterilization are temperature and time. Temperatures below 160°C will not give a satisfactory result. Holding time at 160°C is 2 hours, alternative 180° and 30 minutes holding time.

There is a linear relation between temperature and time, and if wanted you can just as well use 170°C and 1 hour holding time.

Temperatures above 180°C can harm metal instruments over time.

In addition to the holding time you must always add the time it will take for the goods to reach the set temperature. This will vary depending on the shape, the weight and amount of goods to be sterilized. An additional time of 15 minutes to 30 minutes to reach the holding time is normal.

I have limited space. Can I stack the cabinets?

The two smallest models are table models and can be stacked on top of each other. Alternatively, we can supply wall brackets so they can be hung on the wall.

I like to inspect the goods without opening the door. What can you offer?

Most of the cabinets can be provided with double (TS models) or triple (B and KB models) glass in the door. An internal light for better viewing of the goods can also be provided in some of the models.

Can you deliver the cabinets with castors instead of adjustable feet?

The cooling incubators KB 8000 and climatic cabinets/environmental chambers KB 8400 F are already provided with castors, all of them lockable. All other floor models can also be provided with castors as an extra option.